Saturday, May 31, 2014

Media Consumed In The Month Of May

There's No Tomorrow Without You:

I decided to start this list in the middle of May so i’m sure i’ve forgotten some things along the way. This was an idea Chad Nevett once mentioned on an old Splash Page podcast pertaining to keeping a list of every book he read that year. Tucker Stone started a similar thing on his tumblr which is more in line with this format, so i thought i’d steal it just as a way to remember what i was up to each month media wise. Sorry Tucker.

Movies / TV

Eastern Promises
Orange is the New Black (Season 1)
About Time
The Night Porter
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
Machete Kills
Dear Mr.Waterson
That Awkward Moment
The Lego Movie


No Place Left to Hide - Glenn Greenwald
American Pastoral - Philip Roth
Goodbye, Columbus - Phillip Roth
Libra - Don Delillo (half way through as of writing this)


Nancy is Happy: 1943-1945 - Ernie Bushmiller
Multiple Warheads - Brandon Graham
A Body Beneath - Michael DeForge
Andre the Giant: Life and Legend - Box Brown
The Amateurs - Connor Stechshulte
This One Summer - Mariko Tamaki & Jillian Tamaki
Safari Honeymoon - Jesse Jacobs
The Hypo: The Melancholic Young Lincoln - Noah Van Sciver
COPRA #13 + #14 - Michel Fiffe  
Phoenix v1 - Osamu Tezuka
Loose Joints - Jonny Negron
Tom of Finland: The Complete Kake Comics - Tom of Finland

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