Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Filling Words"

So we filed our last Spandexless Reads column this week, you may have missed it due to it being posted at 7pm on a Saturday night over SDCC weekend, i doubt that was intentional, and merely an editorial oversight. I mean who's supposed to know when columns go up? Sure as fuck ain't me.

I liked that final column, Alec writes a nice good bye and keeps things professional. If there's one thing that guy is, its professional. Chad and Rick contributed stellar entries, Joey abstained (or simply stopped caring to contribute, either one is likely), and i wrote a 1,200 word pile of petty bullshit. Because that's who i am.

We were fired because we changed the focus of the column from short snippets on what we were reading (akin to every other site on the internet) into something more focused on long form discussions of creators work, interviews, and essays ranging from Manga's use of violence to european erotica to old Ed Brubaker comics, and that was all very unacceptable. It broached the readers trust, and trust is paramount to everything i guess.

What they objected to was everything that i loved about that column, it was unwieldy, unpredictable and unrelenting. It started out as a derivative thing that aspired to be just that, and evolved into a jam piece that we could all fuck around with each week.

What they saw as us "filling words", i saw as evolving past a stale premise.

But, hey, whatever it's their site. I hear they got a great scoop on some My Little Pony comics. So goodluck to them.

Column highlights (for me):

Alec Berry's essays on The Nightly News and The End of the Fucking World. Those were gangbuster.

Everything Rick Vance wrote, not one dud in the bunch.

Getting an article that discussed wizard throat rape onto Spandexless.

Getting to write in the same column as Chad Nevett, that was a fucking cool.

My and Alec's 8,000 word discussion of Rob Liefelds Youngblood #1. That bordered on hedonistic.

Getting Joey Aulisio to write anything.

Oh and those time's Ben Marra linked to something I wrote and didn't hate it.


Hey, this was under 400 words. I think i got the "being concise" thing down. Can we have our non-paying jobs back now?

No... oh, ok.


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