Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"I don't like that look you give me, that look like i can't get erections"

Red Hood and the Outlaws:

  • Red Hood and the Outlaws is a silly title.
  • Even ignoring the Starfire stuff, this comic is pretty terrible. It reads like it was written by Michael Bay, if Michael Bay cut out all the explosions and just focused on his characters.
  • Taking a character, who regularly appears on the Cartoon Network, and turning her into a cum receptacle may be the darkest thing I've ever read. Much darker than anything i could conceive of at least, and i stay up till 4am reading Dan Harmon interviews trying not to drink myself to sleep. But i always do... always.
  • I guess when Max Hardcore face rapes a girl until she vomits and starts crying, he's really just putting the finishing touches on his biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.
  • I like what Alec Berry did in this. The opening paragraph gave the whole thing a "lightness" that really works.
  • I'm fairly certain Chester Brown ghost wrote Starfire's dialogue.
  • Charleston Chews are the gold standard of nugget based candies.
  • Imagine if Chester Brown actually ghost wrote this? The mental hoops critics would jump through to justify this book would be amazing.
  • Chad Nevetts favorite movie is The Wrestler, and no I've never asked him. But its depressing and about wrestling so it is. Even if he denies it, it is.
  • You figure Internet pornography would have worked out all of these emotions over the past 20 years, but i guess the Wonder Woman and Starfire porn parodies weren't released fast enough to please the comics zestiest.
  • The sexual fantasies of a 12 year old adolescent boys, share a striking resemblance to those of 40 year old men.
  • The complaints about Starfire's costume are odd, since her previous incarnations feature costumes that would make a Tiwana hooker blush.
  • Wouldn't it be amazing if Chris Ware did a porn comic?
  • A sense of incest is present in this book, which while also prominent in Indian Summer, lacks Pratts playful "ribbing" and religious critique, and instead reads as fetishistic. Also Milo Manara draws pretty ladies. 
  • I mean Batwoman likes chicks, but Starfire likes her sister! Boners all around.
  • I'm pretty certain Winnick stole this line from me, the last time i acted like a douche "SHE'S GOT A LOT ON HER MIND...ME"
  • I read this Josh Cotter interview last night, it didn't help stop the drinking.
  • Comics have the nasty habit of relating sexual liberation with female empowerment, a thought that became antiquated the moment it shit itself out of someones mouth. Under the guise of that theory, comics are the most progressive medium in all of history. Showing Wonder Woman's cleavage isn't the byproduct of a reader looking for spank material, its feminism. Characterizing Starfire as a gal' who likes to blow guys down by the docks for fun isn't exploitation, its liberation.
  • Tim Callahan wrote this on Tucker Stone.

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