Thursday, April 5, 2012

Note on A Subway Wall

Lazy post this week, working on something more substantial in the interim. 

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Alec Berry wrote this ( its a fine review, maybe a little harsh in some points, but i get where he's coming from. I've written meaner things, so I'm not one to judge. I like how he keeps coming back to the limitlessness of the format, so many books are fine wallowing in mediocrity, but if theirs one medium you can still make your 2001 A Space Odyssey in it's comics, and yet so few even try.

The most interesting part though is in the comments section, in which the creator argues that Alec shouldn't have bothered reviewing his book, if he was going to give it a negative reviews because....what Bambi's mother said or something. Ive been talking to Alec about the nature criticism lately, probably out of angst, so i know his feelings pretty well. Which makes this guys comments so perfect/silly. If theirs one thing you don't want to pull on any serious critic, its the "Team Comics" card, because that shit wont fly.

The Eisner nominations were released today ( First off no Jaime Hernandez? Seriously, not even a best lettering? Shame! Notable absences also include: Michael Deforge, Dave Stewart, Dean White, Todd Klein, Hark A Vagrant!, and Dave Johnson. Past that i don't really care, i know awards are meaningless, but i still like to complain.

I really like Dylan Horrocks (:

Tucker Stone can be insightful at any word count (


Fanboys vs. Zombies #1
First off, this was a dollar so no harm in giving it a try. Also the comics community is having a collective circle jerk over their new messiah Sam Humphries, i remember a similar reaction to Nick Spenser, and we know how that's turned out. Fanboys vs. Zombies is fine. The art reminds me of the early issues of Invincible, the colors are light and pop. The writing plays up the comicon stereotypes for laughs, which is weird, in that the only people who would buy this book are the very people it mocks. But they're clearly talking about those other weirdoes and not me, seriously fuck those guys, god damn greasy hair man children. For a buck its probably worth a read, I don't see going any further than that though, its nothing special.
(What is with BOOM and there 50 fucking variant covers? Are they that desperate for money.)

Casanova- Avarita #3

Daredevil #10.1
Khoi Pham ain't Paolo Rivera no matter how much a certain editor tells you. This point is especially evident when you finish Daredevil #10.1 and realize its actually Daredevil #11, but Marvel wants to try and convince everyone that its not a fill in issues. So we get 8 pages of exposition before Waid just gives up and just writes issue #11.
Also did you see that Marcos Martin cover? Now that guy would be perfect for Daredevil.

Animal Man #8 -
The loss of Travel Foreman is really hurting this book, Steve Pugh has a roundness to his lines that undercuts the horror element. Foreman's angularity and heavy inking made grotesque monstrosities, Pugh's monsters look clean in comparison.

Bloodstrike #26
Just what i want from a character named Bloodstrike, an exposition laden therapy session mixed in with 5 pages of fighting. His name is fucking Bloodstrike, i don't care what he's feeling, just have him shoot stuff and look angry for 22 pages each month. The art is also way to clean on this book, of all the relaunch titles this is the one book you can go full Liefeld on and no one would complain. Instead we get the image equivalent of their house style.

Wolverine and the X-Men #8
Please don't fuck this book up Marvel, i know you want to, but you don't have to strangle the life out of every book with a modicum of critical praise.

Avengers vs. X-Men #1
I don't know, that happened? CBR and iFanboy will give it five stars, and in 3 months everyone will coincide that it was actually a piece of shit, but Marvel will have your money by then so tough shit.

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