Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bound To Fall In Love

Comets Comets - Blaise Larmee 

Comets Comets revolves around three people talking.

An interview of some sorts is taking place.

The plot doesn't really matter though. 

The splatter of green paint on the front cover, that both doesn't seem to have any purpose but leaves you feeling that its presence is vital to everything held within, is what matters. 

How Larmee shades in a pair of sunglasses, both effortlessly and deliberately, is what matters.  

The way he explores the meaning of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West both as individuals, “Kim” and “Kanye”, and as a singular entity, “Kim and Kanye”, and what those two thoughts converging mean, is what matters. 

The blocks of color, the superimposed imagery, the swash of paint on the left half of a page where one of the guests confirms the rumored "Never Trust A Male Feminist" tattooed across the length of his dick, which creates a negative space dick of its own*, is what matters.  

The way his characters bodies move, how their hands dart around when they are excited, how they lean back in their chairs so as not to seem as excited, is what matters. 

His line, his beautiful fucking line, is what matters.

I feel myself getting further and further away from the truth of this comic with every word I write.

It’s vaporous. 

You hold it in your hands. 

You gaze at it. 

You absorb it. 

You experience it. 

And that's all you can really do... 

Can't you.


You can purchase Comets Comets, along with pre-ordering Blaise Larmee new graphic novel Ice Cream Kisses, at micropublisher 2DCloud’s website. 

Blaise Larmee's tumbler.

* the dick in question. in a shitty photograph.

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