Friday, May 15, 2015


There's been a pretty big gap between these, so this ones going to be pretty long as a heads up.


Sophie Yanow does a journalistic piece on Canada’s (and The United States) laws relating to HIV/AIDS positive individuals not informing their sexual partners of  their status as carriers. Fredrick Peeters Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story deals with a similar narrative, although less academically. Both though reveal how deeply the general populations idea of HIV/AIDS transmission is seeded in the stigma of the 1980’s and not in modern science and medicine. They both also deploy similar puns, which i enjoy for some reason.

ZComx is a new agregat site for various art comic artists work. Some work seems to be resubmissions of older web work, but a few are from out of print work shown online for the first time, like Sarah Ferrics Elsa. I'm glad about that aspect.

The second installment of Jonny Negron’s web/print comic Song of Mercury was published this week. The first seven pages are available now, which provide a nice bit of reading to get you interested in more. 

For some reason after her Comics Woorkbook piece i never followed up on any of Gloria Rivera's work until a few days ago, when one of her newer comics was re-blogged into my timeline. Everything on there is just really beautiful. I’m having trouble elaborating much past that for right now though. 

Connor Willumsen's comic in response to Ronald Wimberly's comic about Marvel's choice of coloring its non-white characters, this one being about Marvel's no anal rule.

Patrick Kyle put up the entirety of his comic Witching Hour on Flickr. An odd choice of venue but a sold comic nonetheless.  

Sophia Foster-Dimino released a new issue of Sex Fantasy. That is pretty easily the best continuing webcomic out right now. 

Mickey Z’s contribution to USA Trucker.A zine from last year that seems to be out of print.

Helen Jo and Sammy Harkham fill in on The Blobby Boys along with a gaggle of other artists.

Another great Uno Moralez gif. (It counts as comics if i say so)


Subscriptions/Patrons/Kickstarters/Other Things That Cost Money

Chucks Forsman has started a Patron. For a mere $10 you can get a rolling subscription to his new comic Revenger which seems like a bargin.

Sammy Harkham set up a website to purchase his original art. As beautiful as many of those pages are, they sadly are out of my price range. I hope he adds some more impoverished level art at some point.

Sam Alden has created a line of t-shirts and sweatshirts based on his pixel art. I hope someone who a) has money and b) has a personal style that is beyond looking mildly homeless (aka someone that is not me) buys them cause they look cool as hell.

Ley Lines announced their 2015 lineup. It looks like an ambitious series of books, with a focus on younger and more abstract artists.

Inaction Comics #1 was announced. The press release is vague enough that i have no clue what it is about past a pretty solid contributor list.

kus!kus! announced their sprint releases, the big one looks to be a new work by Lala Alberts. Additionally i’m unaware of her work as of right now, but the cover for the Amanda Vähämäki book looks really interesting to me.

New work by Sarah Ferrick, I like the design of that site.


2D Cloud has been in the process of almost weekly re-designing their website, thanks to Blaise Larmee, but inbetween those events they're been posting a ton of intersting content. Most notably this interview between Blaise and Leon Sadler and their 2015 MOCCA report.

Melissa Mendes on The Darling Sleeper. She seems very capable of talking her way through the limitations of the questions asked of her. Simon Hanselmann was also interviewed on The Darling Sleeper. You have to give that questioning some credit, it allows for a lot of interviews to be done in a short period of time. 

HTMLflowers is interviewed about his new book, Virtual Candles out from Space Face Books.

Audio to Charlie Kaufman's BAFTA speech on screenwriting.

Gary Panter interviewed about meeting Philip K. Dick.


The webisode (?) adaptation of Chuck Forsman’s The End of The Fucking World had it’s first teaser released. TEOTFW is one of my favorite comics and i’m excited to see how it translates to film.

I watched Ben Jones new show Stone Quakers in a certain altered state. Seeing Frank Santoro show up with a longbox in the middle of a riot made me freak out a bit.

A tour through Seth’s house. It looks exactly as i suspected.


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