Thursday, August 27, 2015

Out Of Breath

by Joan Cornella

This is a hardcover with a soft spine. 

Their is a metaphor at play in that statement, relying on Cornella’s bright and vibrant coloring, his smiling characters and the terrible events that befall them. They fail even when success dominates their existence. 

Mox Nox is a collection of Cornella’s work, which is pretty easily describable as single page, wordless, gag strips with a mean / surrealist bend to them. You’ve probably seen a few of them floating around on the internet and laughed.

And that's what makes Mox Nox weird. The individual strips are, by and large, funny, but when set side by side with each other they never really move past their immediate nature. They even begin to become repetitious in a way they never seemed to occur when viewed on-line. The repetition of gag premises don’t work when the gags previous iteration is five pages ago, unlike on the web when they appear to show up months if not years apart.

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